Ride the Puddles

Richie Porte

Posted by bikezilla on September 23, 2010

Richie Porte wants out of Saxo Bank.


Is it as simple as the siren song of “big money” with another team?

Is he, like so many others, mysteriously unable to flee Bjarne Riis fast enough?

Or is it, as I once wondered “out loud” here, because he believes that he’s perfectly capable of being some team’s main GC threat and is unwilling to waste a year riding in support of, or in lesser races than Alberto Contador?

It feels like he’s just incredibly immature and thinks, via bad advice from his greedy manager, that while the rats are busy fleeing the floundering Saxo ship is the opportune moment to jump ship, himself.

Except for his amazing Giro, his results have been good, but not spectacular. He hasn’t dominated and none of the big GC or Classics guys hears “Richie Porte” and feels a little chill of fear.

Richie, I think you’re making a mistake. You’re buying into the hype, forgetting that you’re never as good or as bad as those whispering or screaming in your ear say you are.

Riis, though it seems he may be the king-mega-boogy of assholes, is probably the best thing to happen to you and your career and the best option you have for continuing you’re incredible development as a pro.


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