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Ben King: The New Jens Voigt?

Posted by bikezilla on September 21, 2010

I ask lots of professional cycling people lots of different things. Of course, all my questions are super duper interesting and relevant, but the Peloton and the industry surrounding it has an evil conspiracy against me, so I mostly get ignored.

Until today!

Last night I sent Ben King (yes, the American one), the new U.S. national road champion, a question via Twitter.


@BenKing89 What role do you see for yourself as a pro? As a team’s main GC guy? Or more as a Jens Voigt type?”

Ben, either being too cool to participate in evil conspiracies or maybe just being a good guy who enjoys and responds to fan interaction said:

Ben King:

@Bikezilla1 I watch Jens Voigt youtube videos to get pumped for racing. That guy is so good at suffering.”

I’m not sure to take that as an indirect, “I see myself filling a Jens Voigt type of role, and I’m eager and proud to do it.”

Or a kind of dodge where he’s simply stating a fact that he admires Jens greatly enough that he finds footage of Jens inspirational pre-race, without actually answering where he feels or hopes his professional niche will be.

So, I’m choosing to excitedly few this as Ben King being the willing and happy heir to Jens Voigt, and if you disagree then . . . I’m not sure what, but something.


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