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La Vuelta a Espana 2010: Stage 21: Final #lavuelta #vuelta

Posted by bikezilla on September 19, 2010

— Spanish riders really rode their hearts out for the last three weeks. It isn’t just talk when they say that the Vuelta is the most important race of their season. These guys really live it.

As Stage 21 opened up five of the top ten GC positions were held by Spanish riders.

When the stage was over they still held half of the top ten positions.

— Tyler Farrar, coming into the stage just 12 points behind Mark Cavendish (HTC), had no interest in spending his energy on the intermediate sprints. He bet it all on one big play and his ability to take Cav in a head to head final sprint.

I got all goosebumpy waiting for it.

As a bet on the stage win, it paid off. Tyler beat Cav by more than a bike length and Cav seemed to concentrate more on Tyler than on his own sprint.

Cav, in typical Cav fashion, also quit when he figured out that he lacked the legs for the win.

Tyler took 25 points with his stage win, but Cav took 20, which gave him a little wiggle room in the Points competition and allowed him to hang on to the Green.

Cav had to know that even a third place finish would still see him in Green, so I have to wonder if he suffered a rare moment of graciousness and gifted Tyler the stage.

I hope not. I want to believe that Tyler finally bested Cav head to head when Cav had no excuses about getting boxed in. But that little doubt still wiggles in the back of my mind.

UPDATE: Nope, Cav was NOT being gracious and he’s still the same pu*** azz bi**** that we’ve all came to know and be disgusted by.

— At the start of the Vuelta most people had no idea who Ezequiel Mosquera (Xacobeo) was. Now that it’s over you’ll hardly be able to forget him, and you’re probably just a little sad that he’s 34 and riding the last few seasons of his career.

— Dying Cervelo Test Team javascript:void(0)finished the Vuelta with just five riders. But Carlos Sastre and Xavier Tondo seemed better over week three than they did early in the race when they had a full team.

— You’re probably looking forward to seeing Igor Anton (Euskaltel) and Joaquin Rodriguez (Katusha) go head to head over the coming years, and you probably barely knew their names three weeks ago.

— Is Ivan Basso expendable at Liquigas, now that Vincenzo Nibali has proven himself a Grand Tour stud?

— French guys still hold the most places in the peloton, and they still suck (sorry, David Moncoutie and Sylvain Chavanel.

— Now can we finally stop pretending that Christian Vande Velde is ever gonna be a great Grand Tour contender?

— Phillipe Gilbert (Omega Pharma Lotto) was well known within the peloton even before the Vuelta. Now the rest of us know who he is, too.

Why is it that we’ve hardly heard of / from a guy that many of his peers are already crowning as Worlds champion?

— Denis Menchov (Rabobank)? You sucked. I hate you.

— Mark Cavendish? Biggest jerk in the peloton? Ultimate cool guy?

Grand Tour Points Jersey winner.

Go Cav, though I’m really hoping that Tyler straight up smokes yer azz the next time around.

— It’s been a little scary, if you’re a Saxo Bank fan, to watch the team rapidly and rabidly self-destruct.

Is Fabian Cancellara really throwing a tantrum that took him out of the Vuelta (after 2 1/2 weeks of mailing it in), but also injured a teammate’s (Frank Schleck) chances at a podium finish?

Is he gonna halfazz it at Worlds, too?

Fabian, you’re making Cav look like a grown up and yourself look like like a whiny, sniveling little girl. You have a freakin’ contract, so put on your Big Boy pants and fookin’ honor it, bi***.

But isn’t anyone just a little bit curious to find out just how big a jerkoff Riss must be to have a bushel full of the best and most respected cyclists in the world all putting “Anyone But Riss” bumper stickers on their cars?

— After three weeks of seeing Spanish guys ride like they’re all the biggest badasses in the peloton, it’ll be a lil disappointing to see them slink back into mediocrity until the Vuelta rolls around again.

— And finally, when the hell is Eurosport gonna ditch that mumble-mouthed Sean Kelly? He constantly sounds like he’s struggling to speak around a mouth full shiite.


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