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La Vuelta a Espana 2010: Stage 12 #lavuelta #vuelta

Posted by bikezilla on September 9, 2010

Cycling News,

There was a break that came very early in the race, but it was doomed by Wank of the Day, David Garcia (Xacobeo).

Garcia, starting today at 19th and 5’4″ back in the GC, lacked the graciousness and good sportsmanship to abandon the break so they’d have a chance to succeed. With him in the break, the Bigs were forced to chase them down and destroy their chances for stage glory.

There was no advantage for Garcia in remaining with the break. He was just a dickhead.

Unlike Mark Cavendish (HTC) and his teammate Matthew Goss, today.

With Goss’ early jump at the sprint having opened up an unexpectedly large gap, Cav attempted to gift Goss the win, but Goss backed off the sprint, sitting up and yelling for Cav to “go”.

Considering that this was a remarkably important win for Cav, he was, or attempted to be, the very epitome of “graciousness”.

Cav was passing on marking a stage victory in all three Grand Tours, stepping into the company of a British cycling hero (Malcolm Elliott) and at least the possibility that he may not win another sprint stage at this year’s Vuelta.

It’s an offering so selfless and also so grand and sincere a gesture of appreciation for a teammate that I could not have expected Cav to be capable.

Add to that Cav’s respectful nod to the Green (points / sprinters) Jersey and the Vuelta itself:

“I want to finish the Vuelta and I’d like to win the green jersey. I’ll try to get to Madrid and fight for intermediate sprints.”

Yay, Cav! Today you are The Shit.


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