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La Vuelta 2010: Stage 5 #Vuelta #LaVuelta

Posted by bikezilla on September 1, 2010

Cycling News, PEZ, VeloNews

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, my own words!

Garmin’s Tyler Farrar, he of the formerly broken wrist, FINALLY topped HTC’s Mark Cavendish.

Thank God (and Tyler)!

We got to see three very rare occurrences today.

1. Cav jumped too early.

2. Cav ran out of gas before the sprint was over.

3. Tyler crushed his ass.

No, really, CRUSHED it.

A couple little points.

— Both Cav and Tyler were minus their leadout men.

Julian Dean (Garmin) is still hurting from his pre-Stage 1 crash and HTC’s Matt Goss flatted a few km before the sprint.

— When Cav beats Tyler, Tyler keeps on churning through the bitter end. He doesn’t quit.

But when Tyler beats Cav, Cav sits up and stops pedaling as soon as it’s clear that he’s lost.

— Cav can whine about how he’s been sick lately, but Tyler spent yesterday puking, too (six times by his count).

Tyler, ever gracious, gave Cav the nod later on, admitting that Cav is “the best sprinter in the world” right now (though you couldn’t tell it by the way Tyler beat him down today and made it look easy). Tyler then proceeded to take a big ole yummy chunk out of his own foot when he lamented not having “a real leadout man” today before he caught himself and gave props to Matt Wilson for pulling him in from the 10km mark.

Cav may still have a hold on the “best sprinter in the world” title, but he won’t for long if Tyler keeps putting in performances like today. He was a freakin’ machine over those last 400 meters.


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