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Anti-Cyclist Hate-Mongering: Part 2: Da Hate

Posted by bikezilla on August 25, 2010

Bicycle vs Pedestrian collisions have in NYC have dropped EVERY year since 2001.

If you’ll read that chart you’ll notice two headings:

“Pedestrian Injuries and FATALITIES in Motor Vehicle Crashes”


“Pedestrian Injuries in Bicycle Collisions”

Notice the missing word in the second column? “fatalities”

Because except for Stuart Gruskin there aren’t any. He’s their one and only rallying point, their lone poster child (and I apologize if it seems that I’m minimizing Mr. Gruskin’s death as I use him to make my point).

Compare the 49 Bike v Ped injuries in 2009 to the nearly 11,000 injuries and FATALITIES caused by Car v Ped accidents in 2008 (the last year that stat was available for) and tell me, which is the “Upper East Side’s No. 1 quality-of-life menace”.

11,000 killed and injured by cars. 49 injured by bicycles.

CBS and the NY Post have shown no integrity (journalistic or otherwise) and no honesty in this matter. Why? Because they feel that their hatred of you justifies their lies just as it justifies their “right” to harm, cripple and kill you.

Cyclists, if you want the truth to be known, get yourself a helmet cam. Seriously.

Because shiite like this isn’t gonna stop until you can document it and take these wannabe assassins to court and have them thrown in prison. They think that because they hate you, they have a RIGHT to hurt, cripple or even kill you.

You have less value than an animal in their eyes and you DESERVE to be hurt and murdered, usually for something as heinously egregious as making them take an extra five seconds to reach their destination.

This guy wasn’t even on his bike. He wasn’t doing a damned thing. But people who hate cyclists feel it’s their right to destroy, to maim, to kill.

Cycling lane schmycling lane.

If a cyclist in front of you commits a really, really serious crime, like maybe he prevents you from making it through a yellow light? Then this is perfectly reasonable behavior according to CBS and the NY Post.

Wait, let’s look at that again. Guess who the criminal is? A cop!

See, it isn’t that difficult and takes just a few extra seconds to be safe and courteous.

Ummmmm, this is reasonable behavior from an man obviously well versed in cyclists’ rights.

So, if a cyclist follow traffic laws, that’s bad, too?

If you happen to see the same cyclist on your route over and over, it’s perfectly fine to “crowd” him, just to show him that he doesn’t really have any right to the road and that you are the enforcer of whitetrash law and justice.

In case you were unaware, the road shoulder is actually intended as a “bicycle avoidance lane”.


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