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SRAM Catastrophic and Common Failures

Posted by bikezilla on August 16, 2010

Force front dérailleur (FD) breaks.

Red FD “flimsy and fails quickly”, “titanium cage is flexy”, “two right shifters fail”, “I had my SRAM force group set for 2 weeks until the Front shifter broke. Got it repaired then it broke again last week only after riding about 200km and then 400km”.

A tale of SRAM failure and the company’s utter contempt for its consumer base. No emails possible, we’d rather not talk to you on the phone, go see your dealer if you want to “reach” us.

More tales of SRAM failures, big, big failures. And can you guess which “reader” is a SRAM plant?

After a 2007 recall was the problem fixed?

No, it was not. Tale, after tale after tale of broken Force and Rival shifters / brake levers

SRAM has a long history of dangerously poor quality. SRAM powerlinks failures from 2005.

October 2009 still saw significant complaints of chains breaking under a varied circumstances.

Old news, old news, old news, right?

Ok, let’s look at something more recent:

Maybe June 24th 2010: Unrecalled brakes failing. LBSs so sick of the failures that they no longer carry SRAM, SRAM Elixir CR brakes utterly dying, SRAM attack dogs pretending to be readers quickly jump in, customers convinced by their experiences that SRAM has NO concern for customer safety, SRAM “tech guys” refusing to speak of or acknowledge “known issues”.

How about July 27th? One SRAM Force grouppo three brcoken parts: shifter, chain and brake caliper.

This is not good, SRAM. Not good at all.

I understand how you might want to shave a few cents here and there to cut costs, but there’s no excuse or reason you can give that will justify knowingly, willing, repeatedly putting costumer safety at risk in order to boost profits.

This isn’t an isolated instance or three, but a clear pattern. In my mind it indicates obvious intent combined with an astounding indifference if not contempt or even outright malice toward their customer base.


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