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Posted by bikezilla on August 16, 2010

— Gavia says, “Yay” to podium girls” and “Booooo” to the total lack of respect women’s racing gets in organization, coverage and prize money.

I totally agree.

And why must the Guardian join in to the long list of “professional” journalism outlets that just can’t be bothered with fact-checking?


Tour of Chihuahua nixed due to the whacko “regional government” changing to a different whacko regional government.

No one wants to get a bunch of cyclists kidnapped and horribly murdered.

But just a few is ok, so they’re still going with a criterium.

Carlos Sastre is jumping ship at Cervelo TestTeam and joining the new Geox team.

Teammate Thor Hushovd says it’s not a big deal because, “He has not really done crap the last two years.”

Carlos, of course, is the team GC guy and Thor the sprinter.

Point #1: Carlos was working with several disadvantages this year.

At 35 he’s already handicapped vs the new GC Bigs like Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador.

In that article Thor acknowledges that the team’s real support was taken from Carlos and given to him during the Grand Tours. Carlos was either too classy, too practical or too mousy to make a big stink over it. I’m thinking that a lack of adequate team support doesn’t do good things to counterbalance the age thing.

Thor does NOT acknowledge that Carlos rode the Giro and Tour with a back injury. I find this to be a symptom of a lack of class or a lack of clue.

Point #2: Thor grossly over-estimates his own fading value to the team.

He keeps beating the “I won the Tour’s Green Jersey twice.” drum, but conveniently forgets a few important details.

At 32 he’s old. Not like falling down and can’t get up old, but beyond his prime sprinting years and losing ground fast old.

The author of that article thinks that Thor will magically regain his youth and strength for 2011 and strike fear in the hearts of riders like Mark Cavendish and Tyler Farrar. Ain’t gonna happen and I don’t care how hard he trains.

Supporting Thor instead of Carlos at this year’s Tour was a stupid move by Cervelo. Even injured and alone Carlos was clearly the class of the team.

With Heinrich Haussler being nine years younger than Thor, Thor may very well find himself riding a support role next season.

Thor himself has admitted that he’s become better at climbing and overall riding but as lost something in the sprints. He may well be able to reverse his gains in climbing and overall riding, but he’s living in a fantasy if he thinks he’s gonna be jumpin’ back on the Big Boy Sprint Wagon.

He was forced this year to go after intermediate sprints that the real elite sprinters stick their noses up at. Honestly, I loved it. Yes, it was a little desperate, but it also showed some respect for those intermediate sprint points.

But, even with full team support and considerable success in gaining points at those intermediate sprints, he couldn’t get the job done.

And totally as an aside, notice how in attempting to ride for both the GC and the Green Jersey, Cervelo’s divided team was inadequate to both tasks. Sky? Australian National Team? You guys listening?

— With Robbie “Head-Butt” McEwen deciding to race another year, will he be pushing back the completion and publication dates of his autobiography so that he can include his twilight ride?


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