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Posted by bikezilla on August 15, 2010

— Robbie “Head-Butt” McEwen (Katusha) is NOT retiring.

But might not ride for Katusha.

Maybe the new Australian national team if their ProTour licence is approved?

Someone else?

No matter. Yay, Head-Butt!

— Tyler Farrar (Garmin) takes Hamburg Vattenfall Cyclassic.

Fabian Cancellara (Saxo Bank), who’d I’d expected to have a strong showing, here, finished 2:33 down in 97th. Maybe the climbing didn’t suite him, or maybe he’s just got a case of late season Don’t-Give-a-Damn.

Head-Butt McEwen won this race in 2008 and he’s seemed strong the past couple weeks, but got his lunch handed to him as he decides to give racing one more year. He came in 9:33 back in 119th.

Andre Greipel (HTC)? 3rd. Poor positioning? Or just not as good as Farrar and Edvald Boasson Hagen (Sky)?

— I still say that racing an MTB 100 miles is insane. Cool as hell, but still insane.

Leadville Trail 100? Insane. Right.

Levi Leipheimer wins it, cutting 12 minutes off of Lance Armstrong’s record setting time from last year.

In support of my belief that his feat indeed smacked of insanity, Levi admitted, “That was just ridiculous. I don’t know if I’ve suffered that much before.”

In another article I read, he said something like, “I was just praying for it to be over.”.

Rebecca Rusch, setting a new women’s record said something similar, “That was one of my most painful days on a bike”.

With that kind of effort and suffering it really sucks that the race wasn’t streamed lived. That was a huge loss for cycling fans.

— Levi’s insanity seems to be holding strong.

Now he’s gonna ride the Tour of Utah . . . alone!

Right, that means with no team. None. Zero. At what is largely considered to be America’s toughest stage race.

It seems like Levi is out to have fun during the late season and like he’s actually enjoying pushing himself, solo, to his absolute limits on the bike.

I think he’s not entirely sad to be out of Lance Armtrong’s shadow, not to mention out from under the crushing force of Lance’s thumb.

— It’d be cool to see an Australian national ProTour team. But looks like they’ll be picking over a lot of aging talent closing out careers.

“In cycling, Australia has punched well above its weight for a number of years and now I believe we are ready to go to the next level, which is ProTour. We’ve got a lot of guys who could ride in the ProTour, but up to now there hasn’t been an Australian team for them to aspire to. Cadel Evans, Michael Rogers, Mark Renshaw, Simon Gerrans, Stuey O’Grady, Richie Porte and Wes Sulzberger currently ride for either American, French, British or Danish teams.”

Could 38 year old Robbie “Head-Butt” McEwen miraculously rejuvenate if a guy like Mark Renshaw was his leadout?

Cadel “The Executioner” Evans will be 34 next season. Not completely spent, and still remarkably tough (in fact, I think he’s actually gotten tougher and better as he’s gotten older), but not a long term GC option.

Michael Rogers will be 32 at the end of this year. Would he be content riding behind Cadel with his own chances at GC glory winding down?

Stuart O’Grady just turned 37. Good rider, well liked, but not much left in him.

Would the up and coming Richie Porte be willing to sit behind Cadel for the next few years?

Could Mark Renshaw be a team’s #1 or possibly only sprinter?

Does this Australian team want to be a serious sprint team or a serious GC team? Or do they, like Team Sky, honestly believe that they can fully support both missions over the course of a three week Grand Tour in 2011?


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