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Posted by bikezilla on August 12, 2010

— I’ve been wanting a road bike, but haven’t really been sure which one. Now I know

I want a 2011 Felt F5, at least if it’s decked out as rumored with a full 105 groupo. Full carbon with a full 105 for $2,000 and it’s both lighter and stiffer than the previous version?

I think now that I’ve finally reached badassedness that I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED it.

— Someone needs to give Andreas Klöden (RadioSkank) a loaded, fully automatic weapon so that he can properly go Postal on Germany’s national cycling bosses (Bund Deutscher Radfahrer / BDR).

Don’t you just love seeing a guy so openly passionate about his sport and speaking to us honestly and directly, and not feeding us a bunch of wishy-washy politically correct nonsense to describe what he’s thinking and feeling?

I do.

— When Lance Armstrong says that he isn’t racing the Leadville 100 because he’s “still suffering from a hip injury”, is that code for “suffering from a stomach ailment”?

And did he really drop out because he was afraid Rebecca Rusch would crush his guts out and he couldn’t bear the thought of being utterly destroyed by a girl?

— Christopher Hitchens could write out a list of serial numbers and make it 100x more interesting, entertaining, informative and relevant than anything I could write on my most brilliant and inspired day. And I still believe that it is perfectly acceptable to hate him for that.

— The Vuelta will let us see Tyler Farrar (Garmin) healed and back at full strength. He performed so damned well while riding the Tour with a broken wrist that I’m freakin’ dying to see him go head to head vs Mark Cavendish.

— Is it just me:

Or does @angryasian not really seem all that angry, and if he lied about that, maybe he’s not Asian, either. I bet he didn’t think I could ever figure that little secret out.

Or does @RobbieHunter seem to have anger management issues?

Or is @Cycletard’s secret identity really . . . ok, I won’t share my guess on that, but I know, dammit. I KNOW! I think.

Or is it really possible that Mark Cavendish is really hated as much as Floyd Landis?

— It pains me to make this admission, but just like that Jonkers schlub, I too never saw Lance Armstrong take performance enhancing drugs.

While Lance is totally undeserving of such effort, I will also take a lie detector test to prove my honesty on this matter.

— ESPN and @ESPN_Cycling makes Versus seem comprehensive.

If it isn’t Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France or doping, it doesn’t exist to them. They haven’t put up a single tweet since July 26th and when they do bother they’ve been notorious for a complete lack of accuracy. I guess that things like fact checking, professionalism and integrity don’t count for much at ESPN.

These guys have more resources than any purely sports related entity in the world, especially being owned / backed by Disney. Yet, they can’t manage covering professional cycling even as well as a half-hearted and poorly informed blogger might? Really?

Dudes, you’ve been an embarrassment not only to cycling, but to sports reporting in general and to American sports reporting specifically. To call you a “joke” would be to elevate you undeservedly.

Go away. If this is the best you have to offer you not only won’t be missed, but the sport will be better off without you.


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