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Lance Armstrong Leaves Bikezilla a Comment

Posted by bikezilla on August 10, 2010

On the TdF 2010: Rest day #2: L.A. vs Jens article down below.

I think Lance Armstrong’s use of “lies”, “lying” & “liar” increases exponentially each year. Seems that everyone but Lance is a lying liar.

I LOVE it!

Make sure you click on the “Your Mom” name link, just be aware that what he put there is kind of disgusting.

NOTE: The “Your Mom” name link goes nowhere, because the associated website has been shutdown. All that remains is a love note disguised as a web address. I thought it was neatly clever packaging. If you read the “link” the message is “eat a bag of d****”.

Go Lance, totally gutsy and classy. You don’t need to come in under that blocked IP, Lance. You can if you’re really that scared, of course, but you don’t have to.

As for “How do I know it’s really Lance?

I suppose that when, as is typical to Lance Armstrong, he takes the chickenshiite way out, hiding behind a blocked IP and too afraid to leave his name, I have only a few things to go on:

— My previous experience with Lance and his weaselly behavior vs Alberto Contador at last year’s Tour.

You’ll notice Lance Armstrong sneakily attacking from the shadows, his victims entirely unaware of his mischief until it’s too late.

— His hit and run assault on an unsuspecting old man

— His hit and run assault on a cycling fan who dared get on King Lance’s nerves

You’ll notice that in both assaults he attacks from behind, then bravely rides off or too a safe distance.

— Or think of Lance’s prepared outburst vs Paul Kimmage.

— Think of his prepared outburst vs Greg Lemond.

You’ll remember that in both of these instances Lance gave the speaker barely time to begin his own thoughts before unloading his prepared attack, and then refused to allow any form of rebuttal (because once Lance shot that rhetorical load he had no more ammunition and would have been humiliated in a prolonged discussion).

Lance would have you believe that he’s the Alpha dog, yet time and again his behavior proves him to be, instead, a bitch.

Lance Armstrong is a hit and run artist and a bully, plain and simple. Like any bully he only goes after those he feels cannot retaliate.

Lance was too big a pu*** to confront the LiveClean Devil face to face, he was too big a pu*** to openly confront Alberto Contador regarding team leadership, he WAS brave enough to stop and flip off that old man from a safe distance after shoving him into the fence, he was too big a pu*** and a halfwit to express openly and constructively whatever it was about this blog that so enraged him that he felt that he needed to try to destroy it, he was too big a pu*** to have an open and honest exchange with Paul Kimmage, he was too big a pu*** to have an open and honest exchange with Greg Lemond.

I’m right here. I openly write my opinions. I’m not sneaking into other blogs and websites anonymously spouting my thoughts. It’s possible to contact me, to express whatever thought, positive or negative, in several ways.

I’m not hiding from Lance.

Lance hides from me (and from anyone he wishes to attack).

He doesn’t hide from me (or anyone else) because I’m such a big and powerful man or blogger, nor because I pose any type of threat to him. He hides because he is a coward and a bully and that is the only way that he is capable of acting.


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