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Link Exchange? Can I Take a Pass?

Posted by bikezilla on August 2, 2010

I’ve been asked several times if I’d exchange links with another site.

The short answer is, “no”.

The long answer:

I link to sites I find interesting, amusing or informative, or sites that I think will be useful to my readers.

I don’t give a rat’s fat ass if they return my link, that isn’t why I put the link up.

I also don’t link to sites that don’t fit with the theme of cycling in some manner.

If you want to link to me, very cool, and I most sincerely do appreciate it. But link to me because you find me “interesting, amusing or informative” or think that my site “will be useful” to your readers, not because you’re a link whore.

If you don’t, then don’t. I’m ok with that, too.

This wordpress site is just a journal and a mirror site for my site, so I don’t really bother with putting links up, here, anyway.


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