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Mark Cavendish to Team Sky? Bad Move

Posted by bikezilla on July 31, 2010

Daily Mail

First, there’s a ton of Tweet-love going around for Mark Cavendish (HTC) today, but I haven’t figured out why, so whatever I’m missing, I’m sorry.

But this thing with Sky? I know that aggressively pursuing Cav undoubtedly makes huge sense on an emotional level. But, on a practical level it’s a great big, ugly mistake for both Sky and for Cav.

Dave Brailsford (“British cycling’s performance director as well as Team Sky boss”) really, really thinks it’d be great to have Cav AND Bradley Wiggins on the same team. It’d just be no problem to have the support guys spend sprint stages riding for Cav and the mountain stages riding for Wiggins (Wiggins rides the most beautiful time trails of anyone alive and is also a pretty good GC guy).

1. Have you talked to the support guys about this? Are they aware of the fact that instead of having sprint stages to recuperate, they would instead have to ride to their limits for pretty damned much every single day of a three week stage race?

2. Is Wiggins cool with having one of the following:

A weakened support group as the team domestiques are worn to the bone due to the impossibly difficult task of fully supporting both the team’s sprint goals and it’s GC goals?:

A reduced support group no matter what else happens, because Cav takes one guy out of the mix for Wiggins:

A reduced support group because the domestiques could be split into the Cav guys and the Wiggins guys:

A constant battle of egos and wills as both Cav and Wiggins fight to ensure that “their guys” are as fresh as possible when it’s time to ride their (Cav’s and Wiggins’) respective stages:

The potential to have to sacrifice his own race so that he can support Cav in the sprints and points jersey competitions (you do remember Micheal Rogers, right?).

3. What about Cav?

Will he be ok with any of the following situations:

Sprinting with a weakened sprint train:

Sprinting with a reduced sprint train:

Sprinting with no sprint train:

The potential that he might have to sacrifice his chance to win sprints and points jerseys because he’s needed to support the Wiggins’ GC efforts?

Cav has proven that he can win without Mark Renshaw. But even without Renshaw Cav still had the entire HTC team utterly sacrificing its GC chances in an effort to give him 100% of its support. Every rider on that team, including some guys who’d be better riding for the GC or in support of it, put everything they had on the line for him.

That will NOT be the case at Sky unless Wiggins is willing to completely sacrifice his career in support of Cav.


One Response to “Mark Cavendish to Team Sky? Bad Move”

  1. malandirix said

    I tottaly agree, i was thinking exactly the same thing

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