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Energy-boosting Properties of Lucky Underpants

Posted by bikezilla on July 28, 2010

@TrainRight asked via Twitter (and has since deleted it) if lucky underpants supplied an energy boost.

It just so happens that I’m totally in tune with the science behind this, so let me answer.

The basic answer is: Yes.

Here’s why.

One molecule of luck attaches to one sugar molecule, this boosts the boost energy value of sugar molecule X 2.57, which you can see is considerable.

However, lucky socks will give only a X 2.33 boost.

Scientists are not positive about why. It would seem that one luck molecule is one luck molecule and so the boost should be equal regardless of the source.

It is speculated that the drop in energy boosting properties, though this is counterintuitive, is due to the possibility that foot-stink degrades luck molecules at a faster rate than butt-stink.

No studies have been performed on other lucky garments, though it is generally believed that a lucky condom will actually reduce energy levels.


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