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Tour de France 2010: Stage 16: Jens Voigt Goes Skinless #tdf

Posted by bikezilla on July 20, 2010

It was painful watching Lance Armstrong (RadiSkank) talking about today’s stage. The butt-munching interviewer tried hard to make it sound like Lance is on the verge of winning the overall. But, you could see that it did nothing but drive home the point that Lance blows chunks, like driving a wooden stake through a vampire’s heart.

Super domestique? He’s barely a regular domestique and you could tell that he realized it and it’s killing him.

Even disliking him it was hard to watch.

But it’s hard to feel too sorry for the guy when he’s letting teammate Levi Leipheimer flounder in the GC as he (Lance) pursues his own glory. It’s typical selfish Lance, to hell with Levi and his chances to make the final podium (in possibly his final Tour) and screw him if he doesn’t like it.

Do the guy’s from Versus draw straws, mud wrestle, play chicken or what as they compete for who gets to pleasure Lance each day? Or do they just line up and drop to their knees, each one hoping that The King will pick them this time?

Meanwhile, Thor Hushovd (Cervelo) re-re-regains the Green (sprinters) Jersey.

Three cool things, there.

1. He’s still contesting sprints any place he can, not just the final.

2. Teammate Carlos Sastre actually helped pull for Thor. How often do you see a team’s GC guy doing that?

3. In a post-stage interview Thor admitted that while he’s gained something as a climber and all-rounder he’s also lost something in the bunch sprint.

Saxo’s Jens Voigt?

Wow, two Tours in a row he hits the ground HARD during Stage 16 on a descent. Thankfully his injuries this year seem to be mostly scrapes and bruises, not a fractured face and a concussion.

The man is a machine and he doesn’t quit until he doesn’t have another ounce to give. I hope he has at least one more year in him.

I know I said that Fabian Cancellara is my favorite rider and that no one in the peloton is cooler than Andy Schleck, but Jens may beat them both.


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