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Tour de France 2010: Stage 13: Vinokourov’s Revenge

Posted by bikezilla on July 18, 2010

After Stage 12 Astana’s Alexandre Vinokourov was visibly upset. He’d made a late break. Because of that Alberto waited to make his own jump on Andy Schleck.

When Vino started to crumble Alberto took off, overtaking and dropping Vino on his way to shaving ten seconds off the gap between himself and Andy.

Was Vino pissed off that Alberto didn’t sacrifice his chance to put in time on Andy Schleck to hang back with Vino? Or was he disappointed with himself for being unable to keep pace with Alberto?

Turns out that Vino was disappointed with himself and understood completely that Alberto’s move wasn’t malicious.

Vino said, “”We took time off Schleck but we lost the stage. But we’re riding for the general classification,”.

And unlike last year with Lance making nice noises that were obviously insincere and self-serving, Vino seems to mean it.

He’s earned himself some credibility as an honest support rider who isn’t gonna stab Alberto in the back.

Vino doesn’t seem to have a “max sustainable effort” button. if he’s gonna go he’s gonna go with everything and he rolls the dice that he’s either gonna make it or he’s gonna crack. It makes him kind of cool, yet kind of frustrating to watch.

So what’s he do for Stage 13 but go out on another late solo break and actually win the damned thing.

Go Vino.

So where’s the Vino who had that little girl tantrum last year, insisting that Astana was HIS team and he was and would be in control? How’s THAT guy turn into Mr Meek Domestique?

Thanks to Cycletard for the link.


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