Ride the Puddles

An Embarrassment To My Bike

Posted by bikezilla on July 13, 2010

I’m tired of being an embarrassment to my bike. Kelly isn’t the greatest bike in the world, not by a long shot. But I doubt I’m capable of taking her to 60% of what she can do.

And I know that she’s ashamed to be seen with me riding her. I’ve noticed how she shies away from bikes whose riders actually use them closer to their performance limits. She’s sad. She’s hurt. She feels unappreciated.

That is about to end, I swear it.

I’ve found my way to a little used 1/4 mile running track where I can pop it into the big chain ring and the little cog and pump out miles until my legs are numb, my heart is attempting to beat a hole through my chest and my breath comes in short shallow gasps, without concern for intersections or curbing or pretty much anything except custodians and cops chasing me off.

Right now that isn’t a lot of miles, maybe 3 miles at a go, then a short rest, then another go. It’s not much speed, I was lucky to top out at 25.4 MPH. It’s not a high cadence, I wasn’t able to even hit 80 RPM. But it is a lot of pain in a lot of ways, pushing my legs, lungs and heart to their limits.

It’s a punishing but rewarding ride and I’m looking forward to reaping its rewards.


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