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Tour de France 2010: The French Guys Are Coming

Posted by bikezilla on July 10, 2010

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Who wins Stage 7 and takes over the GC (along with the Yellow Jersey), but my new favorite French guy, Quick Step’s Silvain “The Trashman” Chavanel.

And who’s the King of the Mountain (KOM) leader and holder of the Godawful Ugly Polkdot Jersey but teammate and fellow French guy, Jérôme Pineau.

Can you guess who’s #2 in the KOM classification? Dat’s right, Trashman.

I think most people, including me, expected Chavanel to be happy with his previous day in Yellow and to just be quiet and let the big boys play, now. I’m wondering if he’s gonna be this year’s dark horse. Is he a surprise contender for the overall? He doesn’t seem content with the notion of “shut up and go away”.

Go French guys. French cycling sucks just a little less because of you.

Holy shiite, Cancellara doesn’t just lose the Yellow (leader’s) Jersey, he breaks (shatters!) on the final climb and drops 14 minutes. Damn, damn, damn. Guess he forgot his electric motor this morning.

But, after reading this I wonder if it wasn’t so much that he broke as that Saxo wanted it too look like he did. Now he’s entirely Andy Schleck’s bi . . . helper.

Cancellara’s teammate, Jakob Fuglsang, lost 13 minutes today. To me, that looks an awful lot like team strategy unfolding and the domestiques beginning a serious effort to conserve energy for when Andy really needs them.

Carlos Sastre (Cervélo TestTeam),finished with the main group. Is he quietly hiding among the “real” GC guys, waiting for . . . ?

Why does anyone think it’s odd for Tony Martin (HTC) to have trouble today? He’s been spending his energy helping Cav win sprints, so the crazy fairytale that has him (or Micheal Rogers) magically appearing on the final podium vanishes back into the Mists of Stupid Notions.

Danilo Hondo of the girlishly pretty Lampre (yes, I’m going to say that every time a guy from Lampre is mentioned, duh) kit topped out at 65 MPH (NOT KPH) on a descent. Dude, that’s just sick. But I guess when you spend half your life wearing pink you have to do something to prove you aren’t a sissy.

Robbie “Headbutt” McEwen, after being a**raped yesterday by either a camera man or a doping chaperon (I’ve read both) and suffering more crash related injuries, raced today and made it to the end. But, one of his teammates Stijn Vandenbergh is out after failing to finish in the proper amount of time.

That’s some shiite, there. Headbutt may not be the sprinter he was, but he’s about the ultimate tough guy. Compared to him the average elite professional seems hardly a badass at all.

Today’s heat seemed to intensify what was expected to be only a moderately challenging day. Though there was no major shakeup today, I think some guys aren’t going to recover as well and because of that tomorrow could be a bigger than expected difference maker.

One thing I heard repeated by several riders in post-stage interviews is that Lance and Alberto both looked really good. That comment was applied to other riders, but not as consistently as with those two.


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