Ride the Puddles

2 Miles

Posted by bikezilla on July 10, 2010

Got home late-ish today, wornout, tired.

I had a plan, which should have been a warning, to ride as soon as I got in. But, damn, once I sat on the sofa it was so comfortable and I just needed a little nap.

I finally got out . . . at 6.

I was gonna ride through the GoD and down Janes Ave, push max big gear all the way, just to wear out my legs.

But that damn plan thing . . .

I got down to the parking lot and it was just starting to rain. Overhead was dark and ugly, but all around that was blue sky.

No big. I get a little wet and then wind dry.

Or not.

I ride to Boughton and the rain picks up. No big again, it’s what I expect.

I get to Feather Sound Dr and it gets heavier. Still, no big.

I get to Janes, where I have to abandon the sidewalk to get by GoD, and it starts to hail.

The hail, according the bank clock, is accompanied by at drop in temperature of 15 degrees in just over 5 minutes.

It’s not big hail. I hardly felt it. But do I want to ride GoD in a near blinding rain WITH hail on top of it?

Er, no, not really. GoD is dangerous in good conditions. In rain and hail it’s suicidal.

So, I turn around. Go back to the apartment.

Just as I ride up to the door to the back steps, the rain slackens, the hail stops, the sun comes out, as if to they all thumbed their noses at me.

I suppose I should count myself lucky to have gotten 2 miles in.


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