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Tour de France 2010: Stage 6: Mark Renshaw

Posted by bikezilla on July 9, 2010

How could Renshaw be any better as a leadout man?

He adapts to adversity effortlessly.

He evaluates varied and changing situations almost instantaneously and makes sound decisions rapidly based on minimal information.

He’s fearless and can’t be intimidated.

He always knows exactly the perfect moment to release Mark Cavendish.

He doesn’t accept less then his best effort from himself.

He has no quit in him.

He’s a fair damned sprinter in his own right.

If you take Renshaw out of the equation, how many of Cav’s wins come off the books?

Another win by HTC’s Mark Cavendish, with no small thanks to Renshaw and company.

It’s pretty cool to see how selfless their potential GC guys are, with Tony Martin and Michael Rogers working to pull Cav to the line as part of HTC’s assbackwards priority system.

Did anyone else get the feeling that Tyler Farrar’s entire goal today was just to stick with Cav all the way? Like he consciously used today’s sprint as a training tool as he’s building day by day towards a win. Way cool to see him take 2nd.

OMG, Robbie “Headbutt” McEwen can’t get a break. Again he pulls off a 4th place sprint finish while still recovering from his crash injuries and some dimwitted, self-absorbed “doping chaperon” tears him off his bike just after he comes across the line. Someone on the team reported that his back was injured, so I’ll be surprised if he starts tomorrow.

When two guys who weigh, what, 130 lbs each on a good day, Carlos Barredo (Quick Step) and Rui Costa (Caisse d’Epargne) start flailing their arms (and wheels) at each other like a couple of angry little girls it gets kind of hard to explain to the world that, yes, cyclists really are the badest badasses in all of sports.


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