Ride the Puddles

Slower By The Day

Posted by bikezilla on July 1, 2010

Yesterday I again fearlessly braved the gauntlet of death that is the passage over and across I 355. Said passage shall from this time forth be referred to simply as GoD, not to be confused with God, nor with god.

Aside from that hellish venture the ride was good, but unspectacular.

There are times, more and more frequent, when speed comes almost effortlessly regardless of uphill or downhill or flatness. There are times when my endurance surprises me.

And there are times when I struggle where I know I shouldn’t, where I haven’t before.

Yesterday, to my great and idiotic joy, was mostly full of effortless speed and unusual endurance. But, it was also a day when I didn’t and couldn’t get even close to my best max speed. Though I pushed myself to my limits, 31.4 MPH was the best I could manage and I could not hold it.

But just to ride? The mid to high twenties came as if from nowhere and I just kept churning them out.  Where these really MY legs?

I’m pleased with my overall performance, but frustrated at the my inability to get anywhere near my previous max speed.

My acceleration is nowhere near the blindingly quick zippity zap it was last year, either, not climbing and not on the flats.

But to make up for it, my ridiculously horrible cycling tan is well ahead of anything I achieved a year ago, so I suppose there is at least some type of cosmic balance to it all.

Today? I leave GoD to its merry fate, as my legs are in some discomfort.


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