Ride the Puddles

12 Faster Ones

Posted by bikezilla on June 27, 2010

After yesterday I really expected my legs to hurt too much to get any hard riding in, today.

But I woke up with some pain and some stiffness, but not too much and certainly less than I’d expected.

So out to Waterfall Glen I went, this time to the trailhead at Frontage rd and Cass ave for some speed work. Ok, for what passes for speed work for me.

Let’s be honest here, I’m not a fast guy and my CX wasn’t made for speed, so I’m kind of at a handicap right from the start on a day like this. I’m really better off just doing intervals on the trainer, then I can at least pretend that I’m reaching speeds that top 50 MPH.

But I’d LIKE to be fast, or at least fastish, and I figure that getting out on the road and really pushing myself in the bigger gears is one way to move toward that goal.

I used the ride from the trailhead to 97th st as a warmup. It’s mostly up hil, but because there’s a constant, strong headwind on that section of road, even the couple downhill sections FEEL like uphill.

I was gonna do this route out and back twice.

There are a few places where, if I had better strength and endurance, I could really push for some speed. But I don’t, so I picked two, the best two, and I’ll work up to the rest.

First run, best speed was 32.5 MPH. I’m aiming for first just reaching 35 MPH, then being able to hold it for at least a couple minutes. And I have a reason for that specific goal, but I won’t tell you about it until I get there.

Second time was closer, 33.2 MPH.

It’s within reach, baby. Maybe not this week, maybe not next week, but it’s within reach.

When I hit it for the first time you’ll know it, because you’ll hear me screaming insanely all the way back home in NJ.

Ended up with about 12.5 miles.


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