Ride the Puddles

Twelve “Fast” Ones

Posted by bikezilla on June 26, 2010

Strangest “drop” ever for me, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

I was so frustrated over my series of flats, and more because I was unable to find anything inside the tire or rim, that I took Kelly in to the LBS and paid them the $10 to put the tube on her, just so THEY could go over things. They didn’t find anything either and the new tube performed perfectly.

Springbrook Prairie is the closest worthwhile trail to the LBS, even though it’s only about 6 miles long. So that’s where I headed.

Did two cicuits.

First circuit started out crazy fast. I was hitting 22 MPH with something left to give and holding it without much problem. But by about the 3 mile mark I was running out of leg. By 3.4 miles I had to back off, but still finished with an avg speed of 16.4 MPH.

Took a little break, drank some vitamin water and headed back out.

Took it slower, but still finished with a total avg speed of 16.3.

Ok, so the drop.

I was maybe 2 miles into lap 2 and I see this guy on a mountain bike ahead of me. It’s not normal to see guys on mountain bikes maintaining a speed higher than 16 MPH on a trail for any meaningful length of time, and this guy was kind of stocky. So I’m thinking, ok, I’ll catch him sometime in the next mile. But over the next 2 miles it was a game of yoyo, with the gap closing and opening over and over.

The mile after that? He just steadily pulled ahead.

I just took it that I was the droppee, not the dropper.

But no.

I started working my way through the big gears, not to overtake him (I’d given up on that), but just to push my legs and lungs and heart. I wasn’t even paying attention to the guy anymore.

But I look down the trail and, wow, the distance was halved.

I’m thinking, this guy has been a machine all this time. No way he lets me overtake him.

But the gap kept closing.

And closing. And . . .

Holy crap, I’m actually passing this guy.

No way he’ll let this last. He’s gonna hammer me any time now.

But no, again.

I get up to the next road crossing where I wait out the light for a good 3 – 4 minutes with some hot mom and her 12 year oldish son and the guy should have been no more than a minute behind me. But he never makes it to the light.

All I can think is that he spent so much in that four mile stretch that he was wiped out and ended up stopping after I passed him.

Felt good that in the end I was better, but was kind of disappointing, too, because the guy’s ride was so amazing for so much of that circuit.

For the final short stretch I hit 23.5 MPH going up a nice little climb. Felt freakin’ amazing.

Today I need at least 45 miles to make my 100 mile goal for the week. Tomorrow I’m thinking of doing more pushing for speed in the big gears, because it’s the only way I see myself getting strong enough to hang with a good road ride if I join a group.


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