Ride the Puddles

1.27 Miles

Posted by bikezilla on June 24, 2010

1.27 miles, that’s how far I rode before I flatted . . . again. No big, throw the spare on . . . and it won’t inflate beyond maybe 20 pounds, must have a hole in it, too.

Walk back to car, pissed off and frustrated. By the time I got back here I just wanted to type an endless stream of curses.

Guess tomorrow will see me making  a trip to LBS (local bike shop) for a couple of my preferred tubes (Continental 700 Race) and maybe I’ll try out CO2 cartridges, too. Because, gosh, I just have money falling out my butt.

After that it’ll likely be getting late, so I’ll head over to Springbrook Prairie (which is fairly close to the LBS) and do a few laps (it’s only about 5.6 miles long if I remember correctly).

If I flat there, you may be seeing me on the news. Four flats in three rides would be just too much.


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