Ride the Puddles

Longcuts Rock

Posted by bikezilla on June 20, 2010

Woke up just in time to miss the entire Stage 9 ITT at the Tour of Switzerland.  Curses.

Headed out about 1 PM and the temps were 10 degrees cooler than when I started my ride yesterday.

Rode out through the first longcut and . . . flatted. But there was a picnic bench about a 1/4 mile up the trail, so I walked Kelly down to it and pulled off her back tire.

Fed the mosquitoes as I pulled the tube off and searched for a hole I couldn’t find.  Gave up on that before I passed out from blood loss and threw the spare tube on, instead.

Then I headed out to the longcut that takes me to Big Hill 2.0, back throughThe Bowl, up Big Hill, then back around both longcuts before heading the rest of the way around and back toward the car for a break.

Got back to the car with just under 20 miles in. Ate, drank some vitamin water, headed back out for another 12 miles.

I did the muddy stretch 3 times, taking it faster each time and was pretty thoroughly covered in mud by the end of my ride.

Took Big Hill once and Big Hill 2.0 three times. By the end of this ride my legs were wiped out but overall I felt really good.

Except for the stinkin’ stomach ache  I frequently have after riding. But I think I finally figured out what causes it.

On long ride days I usually take a multivitamin and one or even two B complex. Then I pick up some drink or another that’s also loaded with vitamins, especially B vitamins.

I think I’m over vitamining, especially the Bs.

And I reevaluated Big Hill 2.0.

The lead in is not as steep as Big Hill’s, but the main grade is damned close to Big Hill’s steepest and runs damn near the full distance.  So the average grade is probably steeper. I’d also guess that 2.0 is about 3/4 the length of Big Hill.

The surface of 2.o is dirt and gravel and much of it has a grassy center strip, though the amount of grass can be sparse.

It’s a nice ride and I’m looking forward to getting better at taking it.

Cool Stuff I’ve Seen Riding:

A few days ago I passed a family that was out gorging on mulberries. As I’m coming up on them this little boy who’s maybe 6 turns toward me, hops up and down, throws his arms up and screams “Yay mulberries!” to me. I think I smiled for a solid ten minutes after that.

Today, dad and kid out at Waterfall Glen, doing downhill circuits of Big Hill 2.0. The kid was so stoked when they finished, like he’d just finished a stage of the TdF.  Loved it.


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