Ride the Puddles


Posted by bikezilla on June 19, 2010

Got out to Lake Herrick with a plan to do thirty fast (ok, fast for me)  miles. Discovered when I got there that I had the wrong damned shoes, which should be about impossible, but .  .  .

So, 14 miles of pissed off later I’m home again and for damn sure not riding there and back again.

Instead I get my shoes, yes the right ones, and head to Waterfall Glen for some mud and hills.

I rode the “longcuts” again and the first time around took it slow. Got through the muddy stretch nearly clean, then headed up Big Hill, back down, around the next longcut that takes me around The Bowl, then  back to my car with about 15.5 miles on the bike.

Temps were at about 90 F by the time I’d made my first pedal stroke and though the entire area is a forest preserve,  I swear to God that that trip up Big Hill had not one speck of shade the entire way up.

At the car, I rested, ate a little, drank some Gatorade and headed back out, doing it all again minus Big Hill but hitting the muddy section harder and faster.

So, instead of tan lines above my socks and below my shorts, I have mud lines.

Was a damned good day riding. Got in 27.11 miles.

Tomorrow? Not sure I’ll get to ride at all. Yahoo weather is predicting T-storms on and off all day. I’m thinking of doing this ride again, or maybe doing a loop that includes the longcuts and then heading back along the Bowl and Big Hill and doing just that section several times. It’ll be demanding, yet I’m not too far from the car if lightning starts up and I’d really like to get in a long day on the bike.

This week ended up with 86.6 miles, which isn’t bad with taking 4 days off for sore legs and lightning and it’s 20 miles longer than last week. But I’d really like to be hitting 100 miles per week, at least.


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