Ride the Puddles

Off the Bike

Posted by bikezilla on June 18, 2010

I’ve been kept off the bike either by aching legs or lightning all week.

I knew I had pushed harder than I’m used to with that last ride out at Waterfall Glen, but I didn’t think it was by much. My legs have been telling me otherwise. They STILL hurt.

I was gonna head out for an easy ride, but it was storming by the time I got in and even though it actually seems really nice out right now, the radio weenies said that storm and tornado watches and warning were gonna be in effect until 9:30 or so.

I could get on the trainer and do my intervals, but in addition to just flat out hating them they don’t exactly qualify as “easy” when my legs are still in pain.

Tomorrow is forecast as all sun and heat, so I’ll be out for a longer ride most of the day. I just haven’t decided what type of ride yet. Should I do 30 or so going for speed? Or 50+ just going for time in the saddle? It’s supposed to storm all day Sunday again, so I may not even get out more than once this weekend. I need to figure what’ll give me the most benefit after a nearly a week of no riding.


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