Ride the Puddles

20 Miles and Seven Days Sober

Posted by bikezilla on June 7, 2010

Two circuits heading north from the 101st st trailhead out at Waterfall Glen  for about 20 miles.

My legs were still stiff and sore from Yesterday’s ride, so I took it easy for most of the first circuit. About mile 6 at “The Bowl” I dropped my first co-climber of the season as he tried to use the entrance to The Bowl to catch and pass me. Two things happened. Once I started running through the big gears, gaining speed on the very sketchy surface, he lost his nerve on the downhill leading in to The Bowl. When I dropped into the small gears for the trip up and out and put some leg in it, he just couldn’t compete. Biatch.

I took Big Hill pretty nicely the first time around and even better the second.

Last time I was out there Big Puddle was half way up my forks and it was a real struggle getting through. First time in a while I wondered if I’d wobble and topple before I reached the shallows coming out the other side. Today the water was down, just touching the bottom of my hubs, which on other days would have seemed deep but this time around was a relief.

Finished with an avg speed of 14.1 MPH, which isn’t burning things up, but was better than I expected from my aching legs.

Now for the really great news!

Mom, sweet lil thing that she is, hit one week sober last Friday. No, it wasn’t all at one time; you have to add together all the days she’s been sober since she was fifteen. But, still, that seventh day is totally worth remark and congratulations.

Gets me all sniffly . . . until I think of that fifty she swiped from my wallet on  Saturday when she was jonesing for a bottle of Jack and a case of ever classy Bud. Biatch.

Hey, shouldn’t there be change?


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