Ride the Puddles

33 Miles

Posted by bikezilla on June 6, 2010

Gorgeous day for riding, but all the heavy rain that we’ve had recently made the trail surface really loose and left ruts and washouts in areas that are normally in great condition.

I was disappointed with the first half of my ride, posting an avg speed of 14.9 (.8 slower than my best avg to that point). But I felt redeemed by the end.

I headed back the same way instead of making the loop, to lengthen the ride and to take advantage of the best areas of pavement.

I’d jumped up to 15.3 MPH by the time I got back to the Fox river, then some older couple held me up for about 100 yards as they not only walked their bikes down a narrow section, but walked slower and slower and slower. I was on the verge of ripping into them for being inconsiderate assholes when the lady turned around and I could tell that she was suffering badly. She looked like she was desperate to just drop to the ground and lay there for the rest of the day.

That lil bit o fun dropped me back down to 14.9, which sorely tested my sympathy for the old b . . . sweetheart.

Once I  left the paved section I figured, what the hell, my avg is shot anyway, so I decided to go the rest of the way back (about 9.5 miles) in gear 13. I was amazed to find that it was a breeze, so I upped it to 14 . . . then 15 and it was all coming so easily that I kept in that range.

My goal when I’d turned around at the halfway point  was to struggle through maintaining a consistent 14 MPH. But the speed gradually picked up without even trying and by the time I was back at Lake Herrick I was having no problem maintaining 18.

I ended up with an avg speed of 15.1.

Last time this happened I’d been at 15.7 MPH for an avg at the turn around, and I did the loop instead, so it was only a 29 mile ride. That meant I’d dropped speed over to get that avg. This time I was picking it up and could have picked up more of not for Granny Dragherass.

So I’m very happy with this result and I’m thinking it’s time to test myself on some long road rides, which means joining a riding group. Makes me nervous ’cause I’m just not a people guy.


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