Ride the Puddles

Two Rides

Posted by bikezilla on June 3, 2010

Tuesday was just an easy recovery ride, heading south from the 101st st trailhead out at Waterfall Glen.  The trail surface was loose, with ruts and washouts here and there. The big puddle was really big and deep. For the first time it gave me a bit of trouble as I passed through the deepest section.

With even more rain since then the trail surface was extremely loose and I rode with very low confidence in my meager bike handling skills and narrower, smoother tires.

The patch crew had been out and well over half the worst spot were filled and mostly compacted. There were still some washouts and the area along the tracks near the base of Big Hill was brutally rutted and washed out. It’s an area were most of the park drains to and through and the torrent of water during this past rain or two must have been spectacular.


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