Ride the Puddles

The Search Begins in Earnest

Posted by bikezilla on May 30, 2010

My legs ache a bit today, but not too badly,  not like last week.

I’m planning at least 50 miles today and hopefully as many as 70, with breaks allowed. I’ll take it easy, but bus’ it on the climbs. The search for BOL begins in earnest. Hell yes I want to kick the old bitch’s ass, but I really want to get a few pics and an interview to put her up on the main blog as the first “I Am Bikezilla” profile.

I’m excited. More later.

Finished a bit over 64 miles. Fantastic day. Temps were over 90 by the time I got to the trail, but there was a breeze most of the day that somehow managed to always feel cool.

If there was a downside it was all the godawful damned detours and construction areas. Had to walk my bike for probably close to half a mile total.

On of the detours is at an area of road less than half a mile long that’s been under construction for three straight years. They’ve installed a bridge with at least a 30 % grade on either side, with railroad tie steps on both sides. One side is fairly straight, but there’s only about one sloping foot of dirt on either side and then a step dropoff of upto 20 feet. The dirt is all totally uncompacted on both sides, the tie ends stick up six inches in places and the other side is the same except for a 90 degree bend that begins less than ten feet from the bridge. Really technical and I’m sure the hardcore MTB riders love the hell out of it.

The problem is that well over 90 % of IPP users, including me, are not hardcore MTB riders. So either it was designed by an MTB junkie who thoughts the shit was funny, or it was designed by a guy who hates cyclists and thought he’d be teaching us a lesson. I’m going for the latter.

No BOL sighting today.

My legs feel beat to hell, I’m tired, dirty, I stink. It was a damned fine day.

Tomorrow? Not sure, but at least ten miles out at Waterfall Glen. Maybe twenty.


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