Ride the Puddles

30 A New Way

Posted by bikezilla on May 29, 2010

Today started ugly, not ex-wife ugly, but not ugly enough.

I got up at 6:30 to get started early, maybe before the heat built up, but I’m a lalligagger, so by the time I got to the trail with my newly repaired bike it was almost 9. No big.

Or not.

The left / front Shimano 105 shifter that had just been replaced had not been properly adjusted, so I was stuck riding in the smaller gear. Oh hell no, I know what I’ll do, I’ll just adjust it myself. How hard can it be, there aren’t but two teensy screws to adjust?

After fifteen minutes of fiddling I don’t manage to get it adjusted properly, but I do get the chain to jump clear over and off the big gear.

Pissed off, I finally call the bike shop that did the work and an hour later I’m finally back on the trail, with a change of plans, 30 miles today, 50 or more tomorrow.

On the previous few rides I’d been saving myself over the first 9.5 miles,  which are unpaved, so that I could push harder over the next 7 miles, which are paved. But I wanted to know how well I could do if I pushed the entire 17, could I really avg 16 mph?

I feel a little short. That part of the ride took me 1:02 with and avg speed of 15.7. Not bad, but not 16.

My old riding strategy left me with plenty of leg for the return miles and I’d pretty easily top 20 mph over the last mile, at least in places.

This strategy left me wiped out for the return trip.  I was lucky if I could top 14 mph over the last mile and my avg dropped from 15.1 last ride to 14.7 this time.

Tomorrow it’ll be a long ride, I’m thinking of going for 70, but I already know I can’t carry enough water or energy / sports drink to last that far. It’ll really depend on how early i get out and what the temp is like.


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