Ride the Puddles

29 Miles and “I Am Bikezilla” Profiles

Posted by bikezilla on May 22, 2010

I’m not sure how I rode the same route and it was a mile shorter. Maybe my cyclometer wasn’t snug in its cradle.

Anyway, a really good ride. Me and the new tires picked up better than 1 MPH on this ride, coming in with an avg speed of 15.3. Makes me a little eager to get in some longer road rides to see how I can do. Maybe I’ll join a club so I can learn of some more open routes.

Today I was hitting 17 – 18 MPH with less difficulty than I’d been hitting 15 – 16.

This ride really pushed my legs to their limits. So tomorrow I’ll do an easy 50 (easy meaning no time or speed goal).

I think today would have gone a little better if I’d had my left / front shifter so I could go “small gear” in the climbs, but it’s broke and won’t be repaired until late next week.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and find BOL tomorrow. If so I’ll stop the nasty biatch and see if I can get some background and a couple pics and post the profile on the main blog. Actually, that’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while; find people who cycle outside the envelope and put up “I Am Bikezilla” profiles. I have a couple other’s I want to get up, too, but haven’t asked them, yet.


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