Ride the Puddles

Two Rides

Posted by bikezilla on May 20, 2010

Yesterday I picked my CX up from the shop. Springbrook Prairie trail is not far from the shop so I headed out there and had a great 6 mile ride.

I switched to a 28 mm tire with moderate tread from my 35 mm continental’s with nubs. The bike feels lighter, rolling weight is noticeably lighter and even the feel of the wheels breaking contact as they roll is lighter.  Unfortunately (and predictably) when the trail surface is really loose, like it was yesterday, there’s a lot less traction and control.

That meant taking corners at lower speeds. But the increased speed on the straights more than made up for that and I finished with an avg speed of 16.4 mph.

Today? Intervals. I went at a higher gear than last time, so aimed for a lower cadence. It worked out ok, but I’d really like to get back up to the cadence I was holding last year in the same gear (about 10 rpms faster). Overall still ok and I’m sure that once I get back on the trails I’m used to the intervals will really benefit if I keep them up over the length of the season.


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