Ride the Puddles

14 MPH

Posted by bikezilla on May 9, 2010

It always seems to work out that when I FEEL like I’m sucking, I do ok, and when I feel like I’m on top of things I’m actually sucking.

That’s how today was. The ride out to the black top, about 9 or so miles, I struggled, barely hitting 14, when last ride  I was hitting and exceeding that effortlessly. Got to the black top and it was hell pushing 16 MPH, but I held it hard most of the way. On the way back, I was lucky if I was topping 14 again.

But I get back to my car and, holy crap, my avg is up from 13.5 or 13.7 (I can’t remember exactly) to 14.0 over 30 miles. I thought I’d be lucky if I averaged 13.4, so really happy with today’s result.

BOL, for all of her cocky smirks, didn’t show her face today. Bawk, bawk, bawk, BAWWWWWWK!


Today I rode the Illinois Prairie Path (IPP) from Lake Herrick, out toward Aurora, back to the Batavia turnoff, then returning toward Wheaton / Warrenville. The trail is still more rutted than it will be later in the season when it’s more frequently tended, but it was solid and the surface was tight. No hassles from construction on the stretch I rode.


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