Ride the Puddles

Two Rides

Posted by bikezilla on May 2, 2010

Went out a few days ago and rode Waterfall Glen (north from 101st trailhead). Focused on pushing for speed on the flats, which meant blowing off the hills.

I was hoping to up my avg speed from 13.7 to 14.o and came out at 14.1. Very happy with that.

Then I went out to the IPP from Herrick Lake with mixed results.

I saved any real push for when I hit the blacktop at about mile 9 and for whatever reason just didn’t have it in me to hold at 16 MPH for an hour. I started out great, but one I slowed for a corner I just couldn’t get there again. At least not right away.

I backed off a little and in time was able to get there again, but not sustain it solidly. So I pushed when I could, backed off, then pushed again, over and over.

Once I made the turn back in Batavia back toward Wheaton / Warrenville my aim was just to ride minus my easiest two gears (and still doing all big gear riding).

I find it odd that at this point, when I’d given up and speed goals and my legs kept riding the edge of bonking, I had little trouble hitting 15 – 16 MPH and holding it until nearly bonking again and having to back off.

Two great rides that I’m really happy with.

Now that April is over I’ll still be doing mainly big gears, but allowing myself full range of gearing for climbing, sprints and intervals.

BOL may go down in flames yet!


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