Ride the Puddles

BOL Sighting and Bunny Hopping

Posted by bikezilla on May 2, 2010

Today the threat of rain kept most riders, runners and walkers away from the trails (sissies).

The ultimate un-sissy was out, though, meaning that I spotted Badass Old Lady (BOL). I didn’t recognize her until too late, because she’d switched to an MTB. The girl has great kits. This one was black and yellow. And damn if she wasn’t wearing that same “fuck you” smirk. Did the biatch remember me (and humiliating me?)? Ooooooo, BOL, I’m comin’ for ya!

Been trying to improve my always pathetic bunny hop and doing ok with it. Actually clearing some small stuff (really small) that I used to land my back tire HARD on.

The first nine or so miles (all packed limestone) seemed too easy. Without pushing I was hitting 14 – 19 mph. Then I get on the blacktop and the first mile it’s the same thing. Then I had to slow for that same corner again and it just wasn’t there. The rest of the ride toward Batavia I was kicking my own butt just trying to keep it at 16 mph. I felt like my overall time had to be taking a huge hit.

So, I figured if I’m gonna be behind on my time anyway, I may as well push the bigger gears once I make the turn back toward the car.

Yesterday I cut worked at cutting out the two smallest “big gears”, riding in “13th” or higher. The speed surprised me, it came so easily.

Today I went “14th” and, man, did it really kick my butt.

Yesterday I’d push to the edge of bonking, back off, recover over a few minutes, go again.

Today? Push, loooooooong recovery, short push . . .. Hard. Really hard, most of the way.

The final two miles have been all “goal gear” no matter how hard, no matter how much pain, even if I have to wobble my butt the final few hundred yards back to the car at 3 mph.

Just when I was convinced that I was at the end of my legs, bam, all of a sudden the push comes easy and I’m flying over that last 2 miles, hitting 20.5 and feeling great.

Even with the huge hit to my speed over the ride back I ended the day with an identical time and avg speed to last ride.


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