Ride the Puddles

Hill Sprints

Posted by bikezilla on April 21, 2010

Yesterday I did one circuit out at Waterfall Glen, heading north from the 101st st trailhead.

I always accelerate on the hills, but not fullout and I usually flatten out my effort or even drop back as I approach the top of a climb, you know, the place where it feels like hammer-wielding dwarves are pounding on your legs and your muscles start to burn.

This time I concentrated on continuing to accelerate at this point, instead, and on continuing to pedal hard enough that I could feel the effort when the climb leveled off or headed downward. I’d normally back off and take it easy after a hard effort and I want to be better than that.

By the end of one circuit doing that my legs were wiped out. I could feel the fatigue in them for hours afterward and it was freaking wonderful.

Cool thing I saw today: Guy on a road bike doing the most badass trackstand ever.  He wasn’t wobbling his handlebars at all and was only just barely rocking the bike forward and back. How the hell was he managing the backward motion and how the hell long did it take him to develop that kind of balance? If I hadn’t been working I’d have after him to get his name and pic for this.


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