Ride the Puddles

Two Rides

Posted by bikezilla on April 17, 2010

I didn’t post my last ride. I was too lazy.  It was ten miles out at Waterfall Glen. I got home too late for a second circuit, so I pushed hard on one and it felt really good. I was happy with my climbing even in big gears and I’m looking forward to next month when my planned month of all big gear riding is over and I can do some normal climbing.

Today was a much cooler day. It barely hit 60F and was windy all day, but really sunny.

I had planned on heading out to Wheaton and getting on the IPP at Carlton rd, but construction had the trailhead closed and I was too impatient and frustrated to bother figuring out the damned detour.

Instead I went out to Herrick Lake and got on there. I was still thinking about trying a 40 mile ride, but from mile 9 to mile 14 I pushed too damned hard and burned up all my feel good. By the time I hit mile 16 I was tanking and had to eat the two pieces of Take 5 candy bar I brought with me.

But I didn’t push just because I’m stupid. I hit a gorgeous stretch of pavement (rare on the IPP) and had to text myself vs last year.

For at least 4 minutes I accelerated steadily on a long, shallow downhill, going from 14 MPH to 26 and could have kept it up if not for having to stop at a road crossing. This may not seem like much, but last year I could barely hit 27 down a longer and much steeper downhill and not only couldn’t continue accelerating but had to stop peddling and coast. So I’m really satisfied with today’s effort and result.

My butt is still not used to the new seat position and hurts like a biatch, which doubly sucks, since I’m not done adjusting my seat.

Cool thing I saw today: 20 something year old guy at a light, singing Hotel California badly at the top of his lungs.

Stupid thing I saw today:  Old guy wearing a helmet mounted rearview mirror. Really, who’s the stupid f*** who thought it would be a good idea to mount a stick and a piece of glass right up by your eyes?


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