Ride the Puddles

30 #1

Posted by bikezilla on April 10, 2010

Today was my first ride over twenty miles. I did 30 out at Waterfall Glen, all big gear miles.

I rode last season thinking I’d start out in my smaller front gear and work up to the bigger. Never happened. So this year I’m thinking the only way for me to get used to riding the bigger gear is to . . . ride the bigger gear.

Today was hard and soon after mile 26 the fatigue really hit my quadriceps muscles. I didn’t bonk but I was at my limits when I finally pulled my bike up beside my car after circuit number three (plus a few little detours because trail is really only about 9.75 miles and I was gonna be damned if I’d fall so much as one peddle-stroke under a full 30 miles).

I can feel the tiredness right through my chest. It’s wonderful.

And the even better news is, if I can do 30 out at Waterfall Glen, I can do 40 on the IPP.

Today’s adventure:

Big guy, real big guy (mostly muscle but a little fat) came by my on a CX bike wearing a fancy kit right before I hit The Big Hill my second time.

We’re gonna call him “Really Big CX Guy” (RBCXG).

I’m thinking, ok, let’s see if a fancy kit means a good rider.

And this time it did. He shifted into a lower gear and went up that first section (the toughest) pretty easily. He lost a little after that, but considering his size he took the entire hill damned well. I think I could beat up to the top if I wasn’t doing big gear riding, but I couldn’t drop him.

So I’m admiring this guys ability when he comes to the big puddle and rather than slowing and riding through it, he stops, turns his bike around and heads back the other way.


I rode that damned puddle three times during that ride.

I’m comin’ for ya, BOL. I’m comin’ for ya.


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