Ride the Puddles

Waterfall Glen

Posted by bikezilla on March 30, 2010

Today was my first ride out at Waterfall Glen. The trail was in fantastic condition, even with all the rain we’ve had.

Of course there was some standing water along the tracks as I headed South out of the 101st st parking lot.  The puddle was maybe 100 feet long and at its deepest maybe a foot or so deep. It’s not so much a puddle, really, as an extension of the swap, and I saw a huge tadpole swimming right by my wheels.

I had my goals for today; big gear only, no worries about speed, just keep those quads and hammies straining as often as possible. So I had to humble myself when Little Sally Fat Girl came out ahead of my on the trail on her mountain bike, riding a higher cadence (smaller gear) and stayed ahead of me for the rest of the ride.

Lil Ms Chunkass kept looking back and smirking, like she fuggin’ owned my ass and I was dying to teach her a lesson. But no. I stuck to my plan.


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