Ride the Puddles


Posted by bikezilla on March 30, 2010

Been on the bike a few times lately.  Took a few short, local rides on short errands.

Riding differently than I did last season, at least through April.

Last season I switched from a triple to a CX compact and spent the entire season riding in the smaller gear, thinking I’d “get used to” the smaller gear, which was still larger than what I was used to riding, and then move up to the big gear by the end of summer. Didn’t happen. I never felt strong enough or like I had enough endurance to  move up to the big gear.

This season I’m doing all my rides through April in the big gear. At the end of April I’ll switch to riding anything shorter than 15 miles entirely in the big gear and longer rides will be using whatever gearing I feel right with.

I’ve recently read about balancing carb / fat use to prolong depleting glycogen stores. Once your glycogen stores are gone, you bonk.

I brought along a lot of calories, primarily carbs, during long rides last year, working hard NOT to bonk. As payment, though I was burning a minimum of 12,500 calories more than I would when I don’t exercise, my disgusting stomach so almost no improvement.

So this year I’m riding TO bonk, intentionally attempting to deplete my carb and glycogen supplies, to force my body to burn fat. I’m only gonna carry water, plain water, salted sunflower seeds, and maybe potassium pills.

We’ll see how things go. Hopefully by mid summer I’ll be gut free.


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