Ride the Puddles

Starting Over

Posted by bikezilla on September 28, 2009

My goals for this year won’t be met. That isn’t to say I didn’t move significantly in the direction I’d hoped to, only that I didn’t make it as far as I wished and won’t.

Some of the goals I’m most proud of reaching:

— Stop falling over at stoplights while adapting to clipless pedals.

— Stop getting humiliated by Badass Old Lady (even if that means avoiding any chance of coming within 50 miles of the old bi . . .dear, sweet woman).

— Using any gear combo other than the easiest on my new CX bike’s double crankset for more than 75% of my riding.

— Don’t cry or shake when GF taunts me with threats of bringing BOL home with her.

— Ride 50 + miles and not feel like I’m an inch away from death’s door when I finish.

—  Ride down a rocky, rutted, heavily root filled hill without screaming like a little girl while my feet are clipped in to the pedals.

So I’m starting on where I want to be next year.

I’m going to back off on the distance, and move up to riding the big chain ring. I’ll be slower and it’ll hurt, but my legs will improve faster (if I avoid over training, unlike last “off season”).


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