Ride the Puddles


Posted by bikezilla on August 26, 2009

A good day climbing, today. Maybe not the best day, but close.

Added another .8 MPH to my avg from last time, nearly topped 32 MPH for my max, overcame most of my fear regarding speed on that final, rutted, loosely graveled but very fast stretch, took that same stretch uphill at my fastest speed and highest cadence since switching from a triple to a double crackset.


2 Responses to “Climbing”

  1. mike said

    How come you haven’t been riding or posting on your blog?

  2. bikezilla said

    Hey, Mike

    We’ve been two people short (out of a normal six) at work. That’s meant a lot more work and stress for me as the rest of us try to cover the work those two other guys obviously aren’t getting done. After an entire month of that I’ve felt worn thin. Riding and blogging are what’s suffered.

    Sorry. I’ll get back to it as soon as things ease up.

    Thanks for reading, and for writing.

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