Ride the Puddles


Posted by bikezilla on August 22, 2009

Actually, it wasn’t so much a recovery ride as an excuse to spend some time with GF between climbing day and time / distance day.

I believe that our tires were actually smoking when we topped out at a mind-numbing 14.5 MPH on the the kind of long, straight flat where some day I’ll ride Mark Cavendish into the pavement.

As an added benefit I was shown a new trail, which leads to another new trail, so I’ll be exploring those areas during upcoming rides.

On the down side, GF is convinced that BOL owns me and that I’ll spare myself (and by extension, GF) a goodly amount of embarrassment if I simply concede defeat and give up on my quest for vengeance.

To that I say, be afraid, Badass Old Lady. Be very afraid.


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