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Posted by bikezilla on August 9, 2009

I made a great discovery, today. I figured out why my butt hurts more when I ride the trainer than when I ride the trail.

It’s the short breaks I take when riding the trail.

I’d been looking forward to today since midweek, when I heard that the temps could top 100F.

The temp hardly felt like a factor (topped out mid 90s), but the ride was hard for other reasons. My first pit stop, the porta potty that’s normally at mile 9.5, today was at mile  27.5 and was still my first stop.  And damn if my hinter parts weren’t complaining about the longer time in the saddle, though even at the two hour mark I was still in much less pain than after an hour on the trainer.

Then, I normally hold off eating or drinking anything for the first 5 miles. Today I waited over 15 miles and then just barely had anything. THAT was a mistake, because by then my body needed it and I never really got caught up and recovered. 

The good was that while I felt at the edge of bonking for at least half the ride, I never went over that edge, and I still finished pretty strong, and of course I didn’t get humiliated by Badass Old Lady (BOL) again.

I checked my avg MPH at mile 27.5 (12.4 MPH), at mile 43 (12.4 MPH) at mile 50 (12.3 MPH), and of course at ride’s end (12.4). I’m very happy with that, especially the improvement between the last two checks.

I won, the heat lost.  BIATCH!


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