Ride the Puddles


Posted by bikezilla on August 7, 2009


I couple people have asked how I keep track of when to start and stop each interval and recovery period when I’m doing the evil intervals.

The most common way I’ve read is with a stopwatch. There are also cyclometers with this feature.

To me, that seems insanely troublesome when you, like me, are riding intervals alone.

I use a digital kitchen timer, which I mount just behind my handlebars using packing tape.

It’s got a big face, is very easy to set and reset, and has a reasonably loud alarm (when you’re doing intervals with your bike mounted on a trainer, the noise from the tire on the roller can be quite loud).

Today’s ride, as with all intervals, sucked. It was, once again, an exercise in suffering.

And when I finished and had overcome the pain and the struggle to breathe, I felt victorious, as if I had defeated a great enemy.

Melodramatic, sure, but accurate.

It is not as beautiful as climbing. When I climb the suffering is there, but not ONLY the suffering. There is the hill itself, which is the enemy. Cursing the hill, challenging the hill, defeating the hill, letting it KNOW I’ve won, sitting atop it in love with my victory, that’s the beauty of climbing. Defeating the pain is a bonus.

With intervals there is ONLY pain.

Kind of like talking to my ex.


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