Ride the Puddles


Posted by bikezilla on August 5, 2009

Today was an amazingly good day. Badass Old Lady (BOL) will soon learn to fear me, and I love prematurely named bike, Kelly, more every day.

I held my speed all the way up the base (which is the steepest section, ending in an almost 90 degree curve), and through the first turn, every time. I even had something left to give after making the corner onto a much easier slope for all but the 4ty (final) climb.

Usually my first climb is so difficult that it almost seems like I’m lucky just to get through it.

Today I blew it away.

I accidentally took the base of the second climb in my big gear (46 rather than 36 teeth), and still took the curve accelerating.

I didn’t have much left for the final (4th) climb, but I did finish feeling like I could have struggled up one more time. Usually I know for certain that my legs and lungs would tell me to get screwed and head the a bar together if I even seriously considered a 5th run up.

Instead I headed toward the car, and to my surprise I recovered enough quickly enough to give a good push. Usually I’m lucky to just keep moving at a moderate pace.


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