Ride the Puddles


Posted by bikezilla on August 1, 2009

Intervals are the Devil’s child, and so are you if  you don’t hate them (yes, even if you’re not a cyclist or an athlete).

And, oh by the way, I hate my stomach.

Yesterday I read an article that talked about doing low intensity workouts on a low carbohydrate load, if you want to encourage your body to burn more fat. As stated above, I hate my gut, so I do in fact want to encourage a bit more fat burning.

I don’t really have any low intensity days, other than recovery days. But those are so short and so easy that they’re useless for this purpose.

When I have Skanky Ho Bike, Jen, on the trainer for intervals, the workouts are intense, but fairly short. The risk of bonking (running out of gas) is minimal.

So I’ve decided to use my on-trainer interval days as my low carb, fat burning days. It can take up to six weeks for your body to adapt to the change fully, but I’m eager to see if my belly finally starts to shrink. I’m tired of living in fear of being called up to be Fat Bastard’s body double in the next Austin Powers movie.

I started today. Yep, things were a good deal harder, but manageable.

I’m also working on my breathing. I have a habit of taking quick, shallow breaths. I’m not building my capacity to carry oxygen like that, so I’m hurting my overall progress. Today I concentrated on taking deeper breaths, and breathing though my mouth AND nose. It’ll take a while to make that automatic.


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