Ride the Puddles

Time / Distance

Posted by bikezilla on July 26, 2009

Today’s was surprisingly good.

First, it was good because Bad Ass Old Lady wasn’t stalking me. Not that I at all mind being crushed by someone nearly as old as my grandmother.

Second, because I discovered the Power of the Drops (“drops” being the low part of a “ten speed” style handlbar). It was the first time I made any effort to stay in them and I noticed a gain of 1 -3 MPH with no increase in effort. From the way my legs feel I suspect that’s because I was using more of my leg muscles at one time than I do when riding the crossbar and sitting up straighter.

I acutually did the dropping today, once on a short, steep hill (actually a bike overpass / bridge). That one did pretty well on the relative flat over the couple miles leading up to the bridge. I was just coming up on him as we entered the climb and he was spent before we reached the top.

The next tme was in the closing three miles vs a guy on a mountain bike. That guy impressed me. Once I passed him he stuck with me for close to two miles at between 14 and 19 MPH.

And finally, it was good because I didn’t have to spend the day rushing from porta-potty to porta-potty.


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